Legal & Residency Services

Optima offers to its clients comprehensive legal services. Along the buying process, we provide expert solicitors who will assist you with the procedure and contract issues. Legal staff will address all your questions and will present all the essential information which will give you utmost confidence.

Regarding the residency permit, we will support you during the whole process, planning and preparing the documents. The application will be done by one of our expert advisors, a translator will be present during the application. We will assist you through the process of obtaining a valid residency permit.

Property Management & Rental Services

We strongly believe that property management is the key for the long term value of the property. Without a proper management, the investment is not headed to the right value and capital appreciation. We ensure that all our clients purchase in the projects that are well managed, making sure that property management commitments are placed in the initial purchase contract, thus giving all our potential clients guarantees in that aspect.

We understand that clients have different needs. We provide rental services in case you need to rent out your property. Whether you choose to rent out short term or long term, we make sure that your property is rented out by our rental department. Long term sustainability and value is achieved through rentability which is the key factor of a sound overseas investment.

Portfolio Management

Turkey is already one of the most attractive countries in the world in real estate investment, fueled by consistent economic growth, improved legal framework, increasing FDI, and popularity as a destination. Optima works with the top real estate developers in Turkey, marketing their projects to international buyers and investors. The team has an exceptional mix of industry know-how, close relationship with developers and years of professional experience in multinational corporations which ensure optimum profit for our international clients property portfolio. Having a wide network of advisors and executives, Optima proves to be a resourceful and reliable partner in the Turkish property market for international investors.

Financial Consultancy

With years of experience in the property market, working closely with top developers and financial institutions, Optima provides financial services to international investors should the clients choose to obtain mortgages or loans in Turkey. Depending on our clients needs and requirements, our consultants will advise you on the best possible financial solution and assist you during the whole process ensuring the maximum benefit for the clients.